steven richardson


2017-2018 Objectives

▪ To finish within the top 3 places in every national race I attend 

▪ To finish within the top 2 places in every district race I attend ▪ To be recognized as an athlete that demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and sportsmanship. 

▪ Attract new sponsors that will help me reach my goals. 

▪ Continue my physical conditioning & training combined with scheduled practice, and any extra coaching I may receive   

About Me

I have always had a great love for bikes, anything with wheels really, since I was about 2 years old. The faster the better, I have always been a type of wild child. My parents decided to start me in BMX in 2014 and it has honestly been the best thing for me. I am doing well in the sport, school, and staying out of trouble as well. I really look forward to each and every race, or race   opportunity I come across. 

In May of 2014 I started my BMX journey at 5 and under Novice, and just 11 short weeks after that I moved up into the intermediate class following 10 straight wins in a row.

In August of  2014 I set my goal high to come within the top 100 in my district, which I accomplished and made #74 that year. This only led me to believe I could do much more and become much faster and stronger with more practice and dedication. I began training on rollers and bike trainer’s in-between races as well as doing sprints and calisthenics every day to help build my stamina. 

My hard work has paid off for me as in January 2015 I turned expert at 6 years old, I learned the meaning to the harder you work the better you get, and at the end of the year I placed #10 in my district and 3rd in state finals. In continuing to work hard throughout the next season of 2016 racing gold cups  and district as well as states I claimed my first 1st place state win. 

I am 8  years old and race a Hyper BMX 20” bike in the Expert class as part of the Sonic BMX Team. I am very dedicated to my amateur racing career, and the sport of BMX. I believe I have the drive, skills and ability to become a recognized BMX racer in the Northwest.